Our Vision;

"Make Jesus known as we grow to know Him more."

We learn that like any healthy organism, healthy Churches grow, unhealthy ones dwindle and die. As we look through the Scriptures we can see that there are things which Jesus expects His disciples to ‘do’ and to ‘be’ if they are to be healthy Christians and part of a healthy fellowship. This means that through our lives and worship, our activities in church and witness outside, we try to appreciate that:
God requires of me;
  • that I worship Him
  • that I share my faith
  • that I am involved with a group of local believers
  • that I grow in my knowledge and love of Him
  • that I serve those around me with the love of Jesus
We aim to support one another in all these things; praying with and for each other, and walking forward together, from the Minister and Deacons through to the church members, regular attenders and visitors.
To summarise; being a christian requires ACTION! Worshipping, sharing, getting involved, growing and serving...