Our Minister

Rev Mark Turner arrived at Bedworth Baptist Church (BBC) in January 2016 and is rapidly settling in!

Mark and his wife (Geraldine) are set to make Bedworth their home town, and are in the process of moving from Leicestershire. 
Our Deacons & Secretary:
We believe in the "priesthood of believers." This means that every member of the church community has a role to play, whether in teaching, faith-sharing, evangelism, social action, pastoring, guiding, serving, prophetic insight, praying, healing, administration or hospitality.

The Deacons & Secretary are elected from amoung the church members, by majority vote, and together with the Minister, are responsible for the spiritual leadership, oversight and administration of the Church.
Each of the Deacons, and the Secretary have specific areas of the church that they are responsible for, such as the mission work the church is involved with.

There are also other "less official" but equally important leadership roles within the church, overseeing other parts of the church or even planning specific church events.