Our Vision;

"Make Jesus known as we grow to know Him more."

We learn that like any healthy organism, healthy Churches grow, unhealthy ones dwindle and die. As we look through the Scriptures we can see that there are things... Read more
Our Leaders;
Ministers are those we recognise as having a special call to their role and have been extensively trained for it. They are commissioned by being ordained but may only serve our congregation because they have been called to do so by the church members... Read more
Our Church;
Since embarking on a major refurbishment at the end of 2007, our church has been greatly encouraged by the way it is growing. The old, wooden pews are gone, replaced with comfortable chairs. The pipe organ, which was rarely played, was dismantled and shipped off to France, where it has been rebuilt and is enjoying a new lease of life. A new sound system and projector have been installed, and the  makeover was completed by re-decorating and fitting new carpets, and a rearranging of the seating layout has brought... Read more